VR Therapy

Part of our Behavioural Health Services – You and a Physician will determine if this is right for you

Experiential therapy is a form of therapy in which clients are encouraged to surface and work through subconscious issues by engaging in real-time experiences. VR therapy departs from traditional talk therapy by involving the body, and having clients engage in realistic virtual environments where they can perform activities, movements, and express physical and emotional responses. VR therapy can help people process trauma, memories, and emotion quickly, deeply, and in a lasting manner, leading to substantial and impactful healing.

VR therapy can address the following:

  • Situational stressors. Stress from work, relationships, family, and other life situations can lead to unhealthy coping mechanisms. VR Therapy helps you find more constructive ways to deal with stress.
  • Environmental factors. Going back to situations that trigger old thought patterns and behaviors. This can include going outdoors, getting into a plane, going to a bar, or other location tied to unhealthy thoughts and behaviors. VR Therapy helps an individual find coping mechanisms to deal with such situations.
  • Social cues. It can be challenging to continue to see friends who also would drink or use drugs, especially if they pressure you to join in, or if your classmates are bullying you. VR Therapy helps you understand the situation and learn ways to approach tricky social situations, as well as to have healthier relationships.
VR Therapy in Tucson AZ

*VR therapy may not be covered by your insurance