RHIO Program™

Part of our Behavioural Health Services – You and a Physician will determine if this is right for you

(Rediscover Health from Inside Out) Program™

A unique program to explore and enjoy a transformational journey within is our trademark. The whole point of this experience is to realize that self-mastery will give us the power to create changes in our own lives and in our world that are beneficial for all. The program is composed of nine steps to help you rediscover a purposeful life:

  • Mindfulness & awareness – Learn and implement different mindfulness practices
  • Home environment – Identify environmental threats and learn how to detox your body
  • Balance (between activity and rest) – Learned sleep hygiene, mental floss, stress reduction, etc.
  • Relationships & social connection – Identify sources of support and/or stress within your circles of influence.
  • Movement (active living) – Identify your favorite movement and establish a new exercise routine.
  • Nutrition – Establish new healthy eating habits and detox your grocery lists.
  • Education – Identify new interests, start learning new topics. Remember, it is never too late.
  • Spirituality – Review your paradigms and reconnect.
  • Work / Career – Implement new strategies to improve your hobbies, career, job.

This program is offered through our membership*.

So you can live life by your own design and not by default.

This program may bring you:

  • A greater sense of overall happiness and tranquility
  • Improved physical stamina and performance
  • Natural weight loss and physical realignment
  • Extraordinary differences in mood and energy
  • Increased creativity and inspiration
  • Improved overall health and wellness
  • Enriched clarity, focus and results in career pursuits
  • Enhanced deep sleep and cell regeneration
  • Renewed sense of confidence and drive
Healing Your Body with Alternative Medicine

We Teach Your Body to Heal Itself

Our intervention will actively support your healing process and promote long term well-being.

Creating healthy and happy lives are of the utmost importance, so we are committed to help you find the optimal way to enhance your physical energy, mental clarity and spiritual improvement.

A compass for your health

  • The body is an integrated whole. Each physical structure in our body along with our mind, form a miraculously complex, interrelated system.
  • We are completely connected to nature. Every inner factor such as age and genes, as well as external environmental and social factors may be taken into consideration when looking into any health issues.
  • We were born with a natural self-healing ability. Sometimes, this ability may appear to be lost or difficult to access, but it is never completely gone.
  • Prevention is the best cure. The body is continually revealing signs about our state of health; all we need is to learn how to interpret them.