Meet Our Team

LUCY SURYA, Acupuncturist


Lucy is a dedicated board-certified doctor in Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine whose career has been equally influenced by the practice of Yoga, meditation, and Hindu-Buddhism philosophy. She has dedicated the last decade to study and research about behavioral health, herbal and nutritional medicine, mind-body medicine, and integrative medicine. She enhanced her professional experience with the practice of Tai Chi & Qi Gong, and natural healing arts, such as Reiki and Bach’s Flowers.

In her words: “My deepest principles are compassion and kindness, which I incorporate in my work at an outpatient community-based behavioral health clinic, as well as in my private practice. Because I have a profound belief on non-medication alternatives, I have developed effective self-care programs and preventive strategies to help patients achieve personal growth and lasting wellness”.

Dr. Herald Surya, Therapist


Herald is a dedicated behavioral health medical provider, licensed by the states of Florida and Arizona.  He provides family-centered behavioral healthcare to patients of all ages, including child and adolescents, with years of experience in treating psychiatric disorders in outpatient settings. He graduated with honors from Florida International University and continued expanding his knowledge and skills by complementing his education with integrative mental health and neurobiology studies. He encourages spending quality time, effective communication, and appreciation as boosters for positive interactions within our families and communities, always with a touch of good humor and a sweet smile.

In his words: “Years of experience conducting research, tutoring students, and treating psychiatric disorders in outpatient settings, have enhanced my understanding of the human cognition, emotions, and behavior. This allows me to create treatments specifically suited to each individual, helping them to efficiently overcome mental and behavioral health challenges and rediscover a healthier perception of themselves”.

Alternative Medicine

We understand the challenges that individuals and families face when it comes to securing competent and thorough health care. Our multidisciplinary staff works with high standards of quality.

Discover the difference a patient-focused health care provider can make and enjoy the convenience of having it all in one place.

EASTWEST Integrated Care is a private practice covering Tucson area. Each independently licensed provider is experienced in working with a range of problems and particular age groups. All professionals have the highest level of licensure available as well as advanced training and experience.