About Us

Our Mission as Therapists and Alternative Medicine Providers

Our Mission

The mission of EASTWEST Integrated Care is to promote the well-being for people of all ages by providing accessible, high-quality integrative health care.

In an ever-changing world, we remain determined to impact our patients, our staff, and the communities we serve by promoting a culture that supports an understanding of others.  Therefore, we strive to de-stigmatize mental health issues, addiction, and other health conditions.

Our Strengths

We understand that health issues do not only affect the person suffering, but the family and community surrounding them, thus we are committed to excellent service and absolute advocacy for patients and their families, by providing:

  • A patient-oriented approach, with more time spent with the individual. (average visit time 45-60 minutes)
  • An integrative medicine team united to provide a well-rounded approach
  • Innovative, non-invasive, cutting-edge technology for diagnosis and treatment
  • Individualized therapies to enhance your body-mind connection
  • Culturally sensitive care to ensure that patient’s needs, and preferences are acknowledged and respected
  • Coordinated care to safeguard that the patient will always have the appropriate care
  • Strict confidentiality while addressing the patient’s physical, mental, and behavioral concern
Behavioral Health Teamwork
Our Values as Therapists and Alternative Medicine Providers


Our commitment to our patients, our staff, and the communities we serve extends beyond the provision of excellent care.

We respect every individual, and we demonstrate this by honoring:

Integrity – Offering a safe and welcoming environment where we integrate emotional, spiritual, and physical health care to promote the wellness and resilience to all individuals affected by the effects of physical and/or mental illness, and addictive disorders.

Trust – Providing excellence of care by using best evidence-based practices based on biopsychosocial dynamic models, education, prevention, and early intervention strategies to promote well-being and optimal quality of life.

Respect – Supporting individuals and their families to exercise their authority to make decisions, choose from a range of available options, and to develop their full capacity to think, speak and act effectively in their own interest and on behalf of the others that they represent.

Confidentiality – Ensuring that private and sensitive information is protected so individuals and family members can enjoy the privilege to achieve full lives in the communities of their choice, in safety and acceptance.

Kindness – Advocating to eliminate stigma, discrimination, isolation, and misunderstanding of person experiencing mental and physical illness.

Compassion – Understanding of and sensitivity to patients and families with complex needs and assisting them towards healing and wellness.


We envision a new integrative healthcare practice that sets the standard for excellence.

We are committed:

  • To create a supportive, caring environment where you and your family will feel empowered to forge your own path to wellness.
  • To build a practice with a culture that encourages the staff to achieve their greatest potential, both personally and professionally.
  • To educate our community with the understanding that true health is much more than diet and exercise.
  • To be identified by other healthcare providers in our local area as their integrative health partner by promoting respect and integrity through collaboration as we work together to better serve our communities.
  • To embrace diversity and inclusion, since it plays a significant role in what makes the service we provide so exceptional.
Our Vision as Therapists and Alternative Medicine Providers